Café Raiz- São Paulo, SP, Brazil

Located in Perdizes, São Paulo, Café Raiz has a reputation for great coffee in the city and it did not disappoint.  Although it is a sit-down restaurant, I still very much enjoyed the vibe of this coffee spot, very relaxing and elegant.  When I looked at the menu it seemed espresso drinks (or as it is called in Brazil ‘expresso’) were emphasized so I decided to order a latte.  I did notice a lot of people ordering pour over coffee, but this pour over was different.  The coffee was in a mini net on a stand.  The coffee poured into the individual coffee cup as the waiter poured water into it.  I was very intrigued by this method and will definitely go back to try this coffee.  Once I tried the latte, I was very pleased.  It was on the stronger side and not at all sweet, but it was very satisfying.  The crema was bold and the foam had a great bubbly texture.  The only negative comment I have is that it is unfortunate that it is not part of Brazilian culture to take coffee to go because I would definitely stop by all the time and grab coffee to go in the mornings.

Cafe Raiz     Latte Cafe Raiz


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