Coffee Obsession-Falmouth, MA

For those truly obsessed with coffee, you must visit this spot.  Coffee Obsession is my go to over the summer because it never fails to provide me a delicious cup of coffee.  This casual coffee shop is the epitome of your neighborhood meet up.  The regulars arrive as early as 6 AM reading the morning paper in the back at their table and the baristas are friendly and enjoy making conversation.  It’s nice recognizing faces year after year. I look forward to the feeling of being at “Coffee O” in the summer mornings when I am at the Cape (Cape Cod for those not from New England).  Coffee Obsession has a variety of coffee blends (mostly from South America and Africa), each one unique, yet delicious.  This coffee shop caters to all kinds of coffee drinkers.  I also really enjoy the lattes because the barista takes her time making each drink until it is up to Coffee O standards! The only downside to Coffee Obsession is that there is a lack of good quality food, so don’t go with an empty stomach!

coffee o                 obsesseion


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