1369 Coffee House- Central Square, Cambridge, MA

Right as I walked into 1369 Coffee House, I fell in love with this quaint shop. The Central Square location had indoor and outdoor seating.  The decorations in the shop were eclectic; from clocks to pictures of lattes to mini table lamps. In the morning, this location was calm and relaxing. I felt as if I could have spent hours at a table reading, people watching, and sipping on coffee. I definitely got the vibe that there was a regular crowd of people who went there before work or spent time reading the daily paper there every day. The wait for coffee does take a bit of time, but it is nice to know the baristas take their time to serve good quality coffee.  The latte I got was delicious, not too strong, but the espresso was very balanced.  The texture of the foam was very satisfying and the ratio of milk to espresso was perfect. I wish I had ordered the latte in a mug, but I had to go to work.  Even in the paper cup, I still consider this drink one of the better lattes I have had.  By the time I was half way through with my coffee, I was thinking about the next time I would come back to 1369 Coffee House.

1369   1369 coffee


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  1. Mel Choyce says:

    Definitely my favorite Cambridge cafe for my every-day coffee needs 🙂


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