Voltage- Kendall Square, Cambridge,

This corner coffee shop is a fun place to sip coffee and read or do work.  Located near MIT and in a hub of biotechnology, the customer base is mostly college students or business people.  Not only does this shop have impressive art displays, but it also has a huge shelf filled with books for people to read and share with one another.  Voltage has a large selection of flavored lattes that seem worth trying if you like sweeter coffees.  The iced drinks at this shop are very tasty because the espresso taste is weaker.  In the hot latte, the espresso was quite bitter with a slight burnt taste. This taste was strongest in the crema of the drink, but the body of the latte was better, although the flavor was still harsher than that of lattes at other coffee shops.  Despite the fact that this latte was not phenomenal, I still recommend a visit to this shop for it’s cool location and fun ambiance.

IMG_8565                   IMG_8566


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