Eighth and Roast – Nashville, TN

The second you walk into Eighth and Roast you already begin to mellow out. The brick walls, soft indie music, and dark lighting create a restful vibe for sitting with some friends and sipping on coffee. Known for their V6o pour overs and espresso drinks, Eighth and Roast is located away from the hectic parts of the city on Nashville’s 8th Ave South.

I decided to order a pour over with their Guatemalan coffee (they roast their own). For the pour overs, the barista comes out from behind the bar to a small set up along the other side of the store where all of the V60s are setup waiting to be used.  It was a little too dark for my liking, but I did enjoy the bold flavor it had which helped to warm me up on one of the rare snowy winter days in middle Tennessee.

As much as I enjoyed the rustic feel of Eighth and Roast, I almost felt it contributed to a colder atmosphere as well. The baristas where not in the mood to chat, even when I asked a question about their coffees. Eighth and Roast is more of a place to go with friends because the lighting is not conducive to reading or getting much work done. Overall, it’s worth making the trip to try some of the different single origin coffees. If you’re not in the mood to leave your home, you can also grab their coffee at Whole Foods in Green Hills too!


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