3 Little Figs – Somerville, MA

3 Little Figs is a tiny cafe that constantly has a big crowd. This coffee shop is quaint and elegant, perfect for meeting up with friends. I went on a weekday morning and  lines were consistently out the door. Despite the amount of people, customers did not turn away to leave. I could sense how much locals loved this little shop and looked forward to their coffee from here.

This coffee shop features a rotation of roasters. Currently they have Pilot Coffee Roasters from Toronto, ON and Tandem Coffee Roasters from Portland, ME. I decided to order a latte and found it to be very tasty, with a tasty crema and very slight foam. My lavender biscuit was also a great complement to the coffee. Other popular food items include the greek yogurt and granola and other baked goods.

The lack of seating was really the only problem I encountered, but even during the winter months when outdoor seating isn’t really an option, I highly recommend checking this spot out.


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  1. izzyonice says:

    A lavender biscuit? I’m sold. Take me there.

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