J-J’s Market – Nashville, TN

JJ’s otherwise known as J&J’s Market, half convenience store and half cafe, is a Nashville gem. It’s simplicity provides the cafe goers a homey feel with various kinds of seating including couches, tables, and armchairs. People can even play board games while they sip their coffee. This market/cafe is an especially popular study spot for Vanderbilt graduate students looking to get away from campus.  JJ’s serves all of the classic espresso drinks and brewed coffee.  The espresso drinks were not outstanding, but the brewed coffee is the go-to order.  JJ’s does not have various brewing methods, just a large automatic coffee machine, but they offer beans with various origins that they keep on a rotation. Despite the fact that the coffee can be too hot at times, the flavor is full and rich, which leaves you wanting to buy more.  The prices at JJ’s are fairly cheap as well. Not only can you buy brewed coffee, but you can also buy beans at any weight. In the market side of the cafe, there is a wall of coffee beans. Customers can fill their own bags of beans and purchase them at a price based on the weight. That way you will leave with just the right amount of coffee. Unfortunately, JJ’s may not be here to stay due to some issues with the lease, leaving many Nashvillians upset. Hopefully this idiosyncratic Nashville cafe is here to stay.

JJ board JJ JJs


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