Octavio Café- São Paulo, SP, Brazil

Octavio Café is one of the fancier coffee places in São Paulo.  The building itself is shaped like a coffee bean! When I first walked in I was overwhelmed by all of the coffee decor, books, and equipment.  They even had their own blending station where customers can create their own coffee blends using Octavio Café’s coffee beans. This cafe seemed to be more of a business meeting spot because of its elegance and various businessmen at nearby tables.  Once I looked at the extensive coffee menu I decided to order a latte (I know very adventurous of me).  The espresso was very strong and there was not much foam at all.  The drink was pretty good, but not outstanding.  This restaurant is definitely an experience, but it is a bit pricey.

Octavio Octavio Cafe Octavio cafe 2 Octavio Latte


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