Paris 6- São Paulo, SP, Brazil

Yesterday I learned why Paris 6 is the hot spot to be for brunch on the weekends in São Paulo.  The brunch buffet options were delicious and varied from pastries, to fruit, to juice, to eggs, to crepes. Before I went to grab my coffee, my friend said to me, “You are not going to be able to drink coffee again in the U.S. after trying this coffee.”  Although I do not completely agree with that statement, I will say that this coffee changed me (I know I’m a bit dramatic).  This cafe com leite had a stronger coffee taste than others I have had so far, but also was a bit sweeter (I do not add sugar to my coffee).  It was a flavor I had never tasted before, but it was marvelous.  I predict I will be making a trip back here soon.

paris                          paris 6


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