4A Coffee-Brookline, MA

After a pretty dull morning, my trip to 4A Coffee brightened my day.  I first tried a cafe au lait.  The first sip made my eyes widen.  The drink was suave and tasty and made me want more.  Next I tried a latte, which had a strong, but sweet espresso taste and was perfectly balanced with the milk.  After trying these two drinks, I knew this spot would be one of my new favorites.  More good news is that 4A also roasts their own beans so you can bring home some of the goodness! One con to this simplistic coffee bar is that there was no seating, so you will have to get your coffee in a paper cup to go, but trust me it is worth it.  This coffee shop does not have much of a selection of pastries either, but on the plus side right next store is Kupel’s Bakery which has a huge selection of delicious bagels.  I was not the only one who made the trip over there after grabbing my coffee.

4A latte 4A Coffee 4A


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