Darwin’s- Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA

Both locations, hidden just outside the center of Harvard Square, are known for their coffee and sandwiches. Despite the fact that there is a considerable amount of seating, the constant flow of customers causes difficulty in finding a spot to sit.  The coffee and espresso is very strong and bold.  For those who need an extra kick in the morning, this coffee spot is a good place to hit.  The downside is that the coffee is brewed in large quantities and kept warm.  The coffee beverages are delicious, but nothing out of the ordinary when compared to other cafes.  On the other hand, breakfast and lunch sandwiches are what puts Darwin’s on the map.  Each sandwich is named after a street or neighborhood in the Boston area and consists of combinations of fillings that perfectly complement each other.  The sandwiches can be made on one of their many types of bread and are perfect to bring with you for a picnic by the Charles!

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