Sip Cafe- Financial District Boston, MA

Sip Cafe is a tiny spot located in Post Office Square in Downtown Boston.  At first I was taken aback by the small location, but it made the shop cozier, juxtaposing the large financial buildings nearby.  In the summer Sip Cafe has great outdoor seating, but there is also the park with beautiful flowers and a fountain to sit by as well.  The location is very peaceful despite being in the middle of the city.  The service was quick, and the espresso was delicious.  The espresso aftertaste was sort of chocolatey, but not strong enough to overpower the initial suave taste of the drink.  They serve the local George Howell Coffee from Newton, MA.  The feel is very different from other independent coffee shops because of the many business people relaxing there during their breaks.  Overall, this gem is a must-try for coffee lovers in the area.

IMG_8541 IMG_8542 IMG_8544


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